Friday, June 29, 2012

on kitkats, Kirkuk and the meaning of Iraqiness

Speaking on my complicated relationship with kitkats, and Iraqiness. 


Naranj said...

You really make me say "thank God for the internet".. can't wait for the next.

Hust O Neest said...


Thank U so very much indeed, for these trenchant & thoughtful expressions, so well articulated.

I felt talking my emotions through you, as exactly as my otherwise muteness would wish to.

Being an Iraqi by blood and someone with an imposed sense of confused national identity, it made me feel, yet again like a pointless line not sure whether it separates these two senses in me or divides them...!


Maryam Wissam said...

Again, Thank you for this.. Did I understand that you share the origin as well? Thats indeed interesting.. It felt weird expressing by voice what I otherwise do with words..
But it was liberating

Hust O Neest said...

Sorry for the delay, I just saw your response.

pleasure is all mine. Yes your presumption is correct, my paternal roots are there.

I completely understand, precisely, am dumb. :)

p.s Instead of 'separates', which I miswrote, read 'unites, in the previous comment.